Some in error believe that Jesus (Y'shua) is NOT GOD despite the volumes of obvious Scriptural evidence for his deity.  These same people believe to be saved and to properly follow Jesus (Y'shua) they don't have to believe in his deity AND should not believe in his deity - that they just have to believe that Jesus (Y'shua) is the Messiah and the "Son of God.'  Sadly these people remain lost.  This view actually has roots in anti-Christian efforts created by Judaism and Satan. 

HERE IS A BRIEF OVERVIEW TO CLARIFY about what are our beliefs.

Hebrew Roots does not promote the classical Catholic Trinity of 3 persons because God clearly states in Scripture he is ONE GOD (ONE PERSON). Scripture clearly supports that the Father, Holy Spirit, and Son are God.  Unfortunately, many remain confused about how all this works together in being one person, one God.

How can the Father can be greater than Jesus (Y'shua), calling the Father "his God," and still also be fully God?  While all 3 are parts (Father, Holy Spirit, Son) are clearly described in the Scripture as being God.  God remains only one single individual or person. How can that be?
The answer is: there is a clear order of authority or structure of how God is constructed or operates:

1) The Father is supreme and in control of all, but no man has ever seen nor heard the Father.  You can call the Father the Invisible True Self of God.  In the Father is the full personhood of God, everything about who he is. His will, character, mind, memories, emotions. Everything that God is as a person resides in his in invisible form, his Invisible True Self.

2) Then the Holy Spirit communicates only the Will and knowledge about the Father to humans (us) and controls God's Body (The Son and us also as members of the Body).

3) Then the Son Jesus (Y'shua) is the Body of God, the full physical expression of God himself.  Jesus (Y'shua) is God in the flesh, the physical, action doing part of God, who is the Servant of the Father and carries out not his own will but the Will of the Father in this physical universe.  Jesus (Y'shua) speaks and operates as God in the Old Testament since God the Father has no form and has no audible voice.  Every time you see God do or say something in the Old Testament (and New) it is Jesus (Y'shua).  For example: Creation (all things were made by Jesus/Y'shua, the Garden of Eden (God physically walked and audibly talking with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden), and at Mount Sinai (God verbally spoke the 10 Commandments and physically interacting with Moses on the Mountain and in the Tent of Meeting).

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A Little More ... about 3 parts to one person

A Little More...

WHEN OUR BODY DIES... do we cease to exist? No. In admitting this you admit that we have at least 2 parts to ourselves. The Bible says 3 parts, just as God has 3 parts in the Father, Holy Spirit, and Son. For we are made in his likeness.

It would be foolishness to say that our body is not us or for someone to ignore our body as us. If we ignore someone's body, have we not just ignored them? Why? Because they are one and the same person. Just like ignoring or not recognizing Jesus (Y'shua) as God is foolishness because they are the same person. No one comes to the Father except through Jesus (Y'shua). If you deny Jesus (Y'shua) is God, you have, in fact, denied God.  In doing so, how can you be saved?  You cannot be.  SO this is a very foundational faith issue that effects your salvation.

It's not our body that is being saved, for it is corrupted by sin and will die. We get new ones. Remember Jesus (Y'shua) said: Do not hate your brother and thus commit the sin of murder IN YOUR HEART. Do no look upon a married woman with lust and thus commit the sin of adultery IN YOUR HEART. It is our understanding that what Jesus (Y'shua) is really teaching is to apply the Word of God to all 3 parts of us, starting IN OUR HEART (the real us) which can also be called our Invisible True Self, from which controls our Spirit and Body. So this is how our Body is the servant of us and yet is still fully us.